Ed Stych“I signed on Melanie as a virtual assistant to aid with a diversity of time-demanding affairs that were undertaking for us to finish. In one lasting projection, she gets reference information and places it into a variety of summary list. Her knowledge of Excel is unbelievable. She also operates as essential phone interviews with conjecturable employees, assisting us narrow our choices. MAD Typing and Consulting is a God-Giving Gift for us and cares of administrative affairs that either never seem to be done or don’t get done in a time. And the best point is that MAD always performs and makes the job done by our lead time. We love MAD so much that we’re searching for more that they can do for us. Melanie is specialist, punctual and a person of the greatest sincerity.” – Ed Stych, Owner – Stych Communications, Inc. Minneapolis, Minnesota

“When it happens to designing winning visual tools, Melanie O’Kane is just some kind of magic. The papers and fliers she has designed as a member of the Outer Office crew can be depicted as conclusive, thought-provoking, sightly.” – Debbie Tester & Char West – Outer Office, LLC Aurora, Colorado

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“Cooperating with Melanie at MAD Typing and Consulting is wonderful. Specialist. Timely. Correct. All the points you’d desire from a professional responsible assistant. I led a technology and marketing Sean Branaganestablishment, and we’re all operative- collaborating through e-mail, conference calls, instant messaging, and other digital means – operating for customers all over the world. MAD Typing and Consulting has been present with us in the factual world, across time zones and media, to assist us to bring offers and other services and maintain to store it all changing.” – Sean Branagan, President – Communigration, Inc. Syracuse, New York

“[I]  am thankful you for adding me in the industry proper role in your article article … I had no pretty good idea that I would have such a large attention and what a great article you compose! It’s very informatory and I am hopeful it motivates others to share their expertise and industry specifity. … my hat is off to you! Please take my earnest thank you for adding me and my quiver on what a astonishing writer you are!” – Nancy Seeger, Arts Assistance Fairfax, Virginia

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“I thoroughly enjoyed working with MAD Typing. I was given a job by a new client – and I didn’t have time to do it. I subcontracted the project to MAD Typing, and Melanie returned a beautiful, accurate, timely document which the client thought was excellent. I will continue to use MAD for overload projects as often as possible. I salute their professionalism!” – Libby Floyd Davis, Owner – My Personal Secretary, Inc. Fountain Hills, Arizona

Jan Wlodarski“I came in contact with Melanie for assistance with a rather great and technicial projection. She answered as quick as possible and like crazy andsit down to wor. I could speak from the beginning that Melanie takes care about the quality of her work done and satisfying her lead time. She is also a wonderful speaker with perfect follow-up skills and knowledge. I would definitely advise Melanie to anyone who demands assistance. She is wonderful!!!” – Jan Wlodarski, Owner – Progressive Publishing Services Plant City, Florida

“I was directed to Melanie when searching for a VA to compose and redact articles for one of my clients, and she didn’t make me disappointed! I so estimated her long-lasting discussion through the procedure and the great quality of her work together with My Canadian Pharmacy. Her manner of writing is imaginative, rigourous and on target with what my client was searching to achive nd realize. I’ll surely name Melanie in the future for this and other client demands as they come up. Thanks so much!” – Kathy Hadzibajric, Owner – Virtually Solved Lutz, Florida

“Thank you for helping in the designing of our client’s listserv. We estimated your professionalism and reference to details. Our client was shocked with the article you composed for them, and the subject-matter was a hit with their clients. I am looking forward to cooperating with you in the future.” – Deanne Splear, Owner – AdminiSource Now Kankakee, Illinois

“Hi Melanie. I am glad and so thankful for the amazing write-up in IVAACast. We estimate that you had the time to now more information about the program we propose, and it manifests in how you wrote the piece about us. We have a write-up as a link in the About Us location of our Website. The piece was just wonderful and perfect. Thanks again.” – Jack Erhart, Co-owner – Jax Coffee House & Roastery Paso Robles, California

“I usually don’t have spare time, or sometimes engagement, to hear to such broadcasts as your manifest today, Melanie. Nevetheless, I was sized to the computer. It was full of information. It leaked out well. It spoke toPeg Vanderlipp ME. … Thank you both for an hour well spent.” – Peg Vanderlipp, Virtual Assistance 4 You (Tracys Landing, MD)

“Cooperating with Melanie is a value. She is effective and authoritative. I have hoped in Melanie for some time and have surely been gratified with her professionalism and the quality of work done. I’m delighted I found her and wait with excitement to sustain our working relations.” – Valeri Amos Bolivar, Ohio

“Thanks for an excellent read. What a surprise to find myself listed on a page of members who offer professional development information, etc! That was a great idea, very unexpected, and a terrific example of the various ways we can showcase our membership for the benefit of everyone.” – Katie Baird, Owner – Loose Ends Prescott, Arizona

“I just lookred through your article in the IVAACast newsletter in this morning. Your advice how to prevent yourself from isolation were exact what has been necessary. Beginning a new business can be strained and at times overwhelmed. Nevetheless, your advice will be very useful in creating me a much more effective business director, mother, wife, and associate. Thank you for the article. I will be delivering it to some of my friends in one of the business groups that I refer to. I feel they will foster from these advice exceedingly!” – Rose Cole, Owner – Cole Connection Plano, Texas

Lauren Hidden“Melanie is my Associate Editor for IVAACast (the International Virtual Assistants Association online magazine) and my right-hand woman. I can rely upon her to pitch in and assist with whatever I demand. She makes highly qualified articles, has assisted to work out the editorial column and advertising management, and runs all the advertising requests. She is a exceeding value to our publication.” – Lauren Hidden, Managing Editor – IVAACast International Virtual Assistants Association

“When I demanded a letter for my son’s supplement to private school, I was panic. Writing is not my cup of tea and just to possess an interview been dependent on the success of this letter. I was away of time. Although my efforts at writing were agreeable to the standards, I demanded a professional who could see at this very individual letter and assist me to share the hopes and dreams I had for my child in a warm and conclusive way. So I found the Web and found MAD Typing and Consulting. Melanie O’Kane answered almost immediately. I introduced my situation and e-mailed my draft. Within 24 hours, I was sent a letter that collected the essence not just of a parent’s admiration and dreams for their child but of MY love and dreams for MY child. We were received an interview with the school. Thank you for your assistance. I never waited this intuition and compassion level from a ’stranger’ half way across the country.” – Matina Korologos New York, New York

“I had a great expertice utilizing MAD Typing and Consulting for an individual projection. Melanie was quick and careful in transmitting from audiotape, and worked in the boundaries of my budget. The geographic square between us didn’t have any role at all. I simply sent my tape and Melanie sent it back when it was done. I look forward to the capability to operate with MAD Typing and Consulting again!” – Rob Macdonald Baltimore, Maryland

“Melanie goes well out of her way to help figure out the best way to synchronize my needs with her ability to meet them. I especially appreciate her willingness to collaborate. I highly recommend MAD’s services.” – Barbara Payne, Managing Principal – A ReallyGoodFreelanceWriter.com Cleveland, Ohio

“I know I expressed to you before of just how satisfied I was from reviewing the unfinished copy of the executive summary, but words can’t express how happy I am now that it’s completed. I was impressed with how detailed and involved you were when putting this together. It’s what I was looking for and then some. Thank you once again for everything. I’ll be sure to keep you updated with the progress. Thanks again for helping me give birth to what was once only a dream.” – Anthony Kiser New York, New York