Privacy & Ethics

MAD Typing and ConsultingMAD Typing and Consulting comes to huge lengths to protect the operations that maintain our procedures. We utilize the forceful McAfee Security Center, which consists of Virus Scan, Firewall Plus, Privacy Services, and Spam Killer. Additionally, we constantly sweep over for adware, spyware, and intentional cookies utilizing other innovative programs and services.

Our domain ( is protected with a Web Server Certificate. Operations on our site are secured with up to 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer encryption. All customer information is stored in the confidentiality and will never be realized, sold, utilized or otherwise tampered by us. Our reputation is dependent on the quality of customer service and satisfaction we supply with. The same situation occures as well in case of My Canadain Pharmacy.

All inobligatory electronic and hard copied elements are fragmented for more protection. We do not argue or otherwise trumpet any information about our clients’ officinal matters, which we consider to be confidential.

MAD Typing and Consulting adheres to the following Code of Ethics:

  • Provides honesty, faithfulness and assiduity in operating our professional obligations and responsibilities;
  • Warrants the interests of our staff and customers and does not knowingly operate as a party to any illegal or unethical activity;
  • Opens into no consensus nor conducts any activity which may be constricted or have the appearance of conflict with the statutory interest of our clients, or that would aggrieve their capability to carry out their professional responcibilities;
  • Secures any confident information gained in the performance of our responcibilities and shall not utilize such information for individual gain nor in a manner that would be deteriorating to our clients or any other party;
  • Continually assures the abundance of knowledge, skills and technical competencies inquired to operate and realize our professional responcibilities;
  • Forbears from connection or action which would spoil from the reputation of the International Virtual Assistants Association or the profession of virtual help as a whole; and
  • Is careful at all times of our duties as professionals toward the community at great.