My Canadian Pharmacy with Explanation of Aphonia

 April 2, 2016

My Canadian Pharmacy decides to explain the nation – aphonia. Aphonia is a state at which the person has no sonorous voice, but at the same time the speech in a whisper remains. There are various types of aphonia, they are:

  • true aphonia;
  • aphonia paralytica;
  • spastic aphonia;
  • functional aphonia.


Treatment of Aphonia

Treatment of this disease depends, first of all, on the aphonia reason and type. If the diagnosis “a true aphonia” is established, then to the patient removal of tumor, excision of hems are prescribed. It is important for a certain period of time to provide absolute rest of the voice device, to practice those physiotherapeutic methods which are appointed by the doctor.

Not always it is possible to cure paralytic aphonia. The condition of the person improves only if it is eliminated the reasons which have provoked this state. If necessary in the surgical way the gullet tumor is removed, complex treatment of flu or inflammatory processes is carried out.

Spastic and functional kinds of an aphonia assume carrying out procedures which promote strengthening of nervous system carried out with remedies of My Canadian Pharmacy. Both treatment by medicines, and psychotherapy practices. Besides, the patient appoints regular carrying out respiratory gymnastics and the phonographic exercises. The functional aphonia at people who are subject to neurosises achieve the recovery more difficult. At the same time it is important to convince the patient that he is capable of loud conversation.

At emergence of the first symptoms of aphonia the person is recommended to breathe only through nose, not to strain a voice, trying to speak as seldom as possible. During treatment it is important and obligatory to leave off smoking and take alcoholic drinks completely. The spicy food also should be excluded completely from a diet, seasonings and spices are better not to use in general.

There are some national methods helping the person to get rid of aphonia manifestations. For example, it is recommended to do warm compresses on neck. For compresses it is possible to use strong alcoholic beverage, vegetable oil. It is also recommended to use mix of carrots, turnip and dandelion fresh juice. Such mix needs to be drunk throughout the entire period of treatment. Freshly squeezed juice from cabbage also helps to overcome this illness.

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