Published Articles by Melanie O’Kane “No Matter Where You Go, There You Are”

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No Matter Where You Go, There You Are

Published ArticlesDuring a slow short run last week, I made up my mind to attend my fair-haired information retrieval systems, Google and Yahoo!, to estimate different keywords like “mad typing and consulting,” “factual helper Wisconsin,” and so on. In this way I could judge my Web site’s popular appeal and organic search retrieval system (SR) position.

Similar to previous outcomes, the data I collected that day exhibited a pattern of consecution- no tense ups or downs. My business Web site had not increased popular appeal, but it didn’t decreased either. That was wonderful.

Going on with my self-development, I followed one of the outcoming links, which just like featured to my Web site’s home page. You can envision my surprise when this guiltless click transported me on the intimidated “File Not Found” page. That was awful! There is no such problems for example with My Canadian Pharmacy website. Evrything is working according the standards which should be met.

There was no interrogation now that my intellectual curiosity had drove me through a nasty path. What else could I realize but dig my heels in and toil along in reliances of clarification of the secret before me.

What I found out was that the management I bumped into supplied a link, which was branded in accordance, but essentially drove to a Web page that utilized to be online but had been replaced from the WWW (by me) a couple of years ago. I came a conclusion that through the usage of that hyperlink, a savvy user could easily intend that my business no longer is in action – at least online – and would simply fiddle to more reliable waters.

Fortunately, I had only eliminated that Web page from the online server and not from my hard-disk drive. So I entered the file and designed a redirect link, which I then re-edified back into my Web and re-published to the Web server. Once the refreshed file was published, attendants would no longer be led to a dead end page. Besides, they would be readdressed to my home page – for real.

“Wow! How did you perform that?” you require. Let me give explanations.

I started by eliminating all content from the page; I imply everything. Then, I added in to codeview, which transforms the HTML code eminent, and interjected the following HTML code into the page between the <head> </head> tags. This code readdresses any visitors, who follow the erroneous hyperlink, to my home page,

<meta http-equiv=”refresh” content=”0″; url=“>
<script type=”text/javascript” language=”JavaScript”><!–window.location=””//–></script>

The cunning to this is not recalling the “old” file on your hard – disk drive. Just strip it down to the essantial basis and interject the above mentioned code. Keep and remove the file utilizing the exact name!

When I ended reposting the HTML page to the Web, I corrected to become assured it operated and was delighted to observe that it had. Problem coped, right? Well, perhaps not.

I unexpected started to be interested about how many other Web sites consisted of these links that led attendants to non-existing Web pages. How many potential customers had sailed on passed MAD Typing because they had an idea we no longer operated? I would hate to muster courage to find the answer on this question.

Please realize that when I started my VA practice, one of my objections was to promote my business’ name, on and around as many relevant online areas as possible – having a hope in this way my organic SE rankings would enhance and thus reduce the number of advertising dollars I demanded to waste on building a customer base. Nevertheless, despite my good inclinations, I had missed to follow up to assure my information remained current and efficient.

It was understandable that even though I had not remembered about putting my business’ information in that online page, the hyperlink was still active and kicking. What I had performed was leave a little trace in cyberspace, something I had designed and then forgotten about as I wriggle along.

The morality of the story is that don’t forget to take view of and make notes of the tracks you leave and trails you design, because no matter where you go, there you are.


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