A Fistful of Talent by Melanie O’Kane

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A Fistful of Talent
by Melanie O’KaneA Fistful of Talent

For this article, I came to look for professional factual helpers, who have a specialization with supplying unusual services within specialized (niche) branches.What I found out was that the uncommonness of what they do only lies in the out-of-date notion that virtual helpers are nothing more than online scorekeeper. The handful of talent, whom you’ll dreet in a moment, assist threw light on the fact that just because you’re a factual helper doesn’t imply you’re all about typing and responsing phones!

Arts Assistance
Nancy Seeger, Director

Niche: Music industry, maintaining classical musicians, jazz artists and orchestras

Background: Skilled bassoon player, played professionally for several years; 16 years as an manager with orchestras, having several positions inclusively orchestral personnel arranger, music librarian, general manager and programs headman

Clients: Mexican and New York chamber orchestras, a viola soloist, and award winning jazz artist, Paquito D’Rivera, who just won his 9th GRAMMY for Best Latin Jazz Album at the 50th Annual GRAMMY Awards conducted in February 2008

Typical Projects: Website evolution and sustainment, graphic design and content writing; schedule to supplement more administrative activities, like accommodation sustention for events, artist administrative help, writing marketing tools, and music librarian help

Industry Organizations: Plans to unite the League of American Orchestras as a business purveyor

Opinion on Specializing: Nancy guesses it can be useful but not obligatory; most clients received through assignment

Plans for the Future: Narrow customer base within the music branch to better suit her business model; allocate more stress on her technical background in Web design

Final Thoughts on Specializing: “I don’t know if specialty is obligatory for everyone. I offer that you require a fellow VA to watch your portfolio/resume and argue the typical occupations you’ve achieved. They may watch patterns of speciality you may be overviewing.”

Virtual Trainer & Assistant, LLC
Andrea Kalli, Owner

Niche: Microsoft Office Outlook and SharePoint practice and maintenance, and Podcast/audio mabufacturing and maintenance

Background: Began July 2005; supplied corporate Outlook practice and maintenance prior to beginning VA business

Clients: Small-business people who desire to be more effective utilizing Microsoft Office Outlook and SharePoint, and people who are utilizing Podcasting to market their businesses and capabilities.

Typical Projects: Outlook or SharePoint: Practicing for people who wish to get to know more about these goods or are having concerns sweeping through their head around business concerns and demand maintenance – Podcasting: Editing Podcast audio, uploading audio to Websites, editing a series of teleconferences for the client who designs to sell that information

Industry Organizations: Submits to a lot of Podcasts and blogs about Microsoft Office Outlook and SharePoint, and Podcasting

Opinion on Specializing: Andrea claims that she has more happiness to do the specialized work versus general administrative services; that is where her passion lies.

Plans for the Future: Going on to stay abreast of the latest technology inclusively of My Canadian Pharmacy; take one big exercising course, something she does every year

Final Thoughts on Specializing: “What it really interpretes is that my job is more projection based, instead of operating with the same customer with the same number of hours each week – takes more equilibrium and arrangement.” Andrea goes on to say, “Do what you love. You’ll only enjoy being in business for yourself if you really love what you do.”

Encore Virtual Assistant
Lara Nieberding, The Data Digger

Niche: Professional reading

Background: Began November 2007; assists customers to get rid off “information overload” by reading for content on the Internet as “The Data Digger”

Clients: Any man who does not possess enough spare time to read and arrange all of the information demanded to be efficient (i.e.: reading for significant content founded on keywords and then organizing this content in a small quantity of hyperlinks versus pages and pages of blog entries, publications, newsletters, etc.)

Typical Projects: Reading and arranging a client’s blog feed (e.g., reading, organizing and summarizing hundreds of posts); reading blog parts on a daily basis for content, like exact words and phrases that are significant to the customer

Industry Organizations: Unites establishments and groups of interest to customers, ordering to read newsletters publications, blog entries, etc. for customers

Opinion on Specializing: Lara has a strong belief it is an individual predilection and no one way is better than another.

Plans for the Future: Become more problem-oriented in this niche and construct a longstanding establishment, which she could leave to her children some day

Final Thoughts on Specializing: “My clients prefer my spirit in cooperation. I do not have to be their one-stop-shop. They prefer my service being an add-on to other maintenance services.”

Your Assistant
Tammy Tackett

Niche: Health insurance education; medical bill and health insurance accommodation; Medicare reference; examination; application and resolutions

Background: Began October 2007; 15 years experience in the medical business industry

Clients: Family members; clerking wife; adult children of aged parents; retired men and women; and small businesses

Typical Projects: Assure that all safety net has been made a display correctly and all agreement-based regulations are made prior to patient billing

Plans for the Future: Become more acquainted with the Medicare drug and replacement plans

Final Thoughts on Specializing: “Lack of learning is not the only cause that runs a person to become a probable customer of my services. For busy executive powers or families of a ill loved one, it is a lack of time and focus capability. I can operate from any angle to realize the situation withing a reach, and then work toward a decision the fits the distinction of my one-of-a-kind“niche” client.”

Fortier Business Solutions
Dana Fortier, Owner

Niche: Virtual legal helper for lawyers and law firms in litigation-directed job

Background: Began April 2007; 15 years experience operating with lawyers ; began operating for a law firm at age 16

Clients: Any lawyer, whether in solo practice or as a member of a large national or international firm

Typical Projects: Designing follow-up legal papers to litigation Complaints for example (e.g., Answers, Interrogatories, Requests)

Industry Organizations: Currently in school to require Paralegal certificate; would like to adjust to the National Association of Legal Assistants

Opinion on Specializing: “For me, I have a belief it’s better to specify. I know what I’m good at, and I know I can suggest performance services. Ultimately, a VA has to do what makes him/her delighted.”

Plans for the Future: Would like to begin an association of legal specialists, where virtual legal specialists could go to exchange the ideas, get maintaining, and air confusions in a safe surrounding, as well as receive practice and coaching

Final Thoughts on Specializing: “I’ve learned more than I ever thought possible through providing this niche service to the legal industry. I’ve been able to meet and speak with men and women with great minds!”


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