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The Virtual Assistant – Coach Connection

The Virtual Assistant - Coach ConnectionThis month, we speculated it would be thought-provoking to give a cursory glance into the world of training as it has a relation especially to factual helpers. A panel of seven factual helper trainers was encounted to supply with essential information about this progressive new niche market and how it influences the Factual Helpers Industry.

Q: What are common areas in which your VA clients seek assistance?

In accordance with our panel, one of the greatest concern coming accross with the factual help today is customer acquirement and remembrance. Factual helpers desire to learn how to efficiently and economically achieve their potential audiences and construct full of suggestion, long-term relations with customers.

These factual helpers have constricted or inexistent expenditures, so they demand to get to know what operates and what doesn’t and be capable to work out a action plan while making little steps toward their objections realization. Without appropriate management and planning, many new VAs steeper headlong into the business water and cut their chins on the jagged slices of their blistering innocence.

Factual help trainers give lessons for their customers how to design an appropriate pricing strategy grounded on factual data: demographics, competitor pricing, business costs, skill level, etc. Once their customers’ feet stand firmly on the ground, a VA trainer can then show the fine art of cooperation and identifying a specification.

Some of the more exquisite concerns that a VA trainer is named including assurance, low self-confidence, concentration, prioritizing and alteration. Like every self-sufficient occupational, the most significant objection is searching a good career development equilibrium.

Q: Do you provide mentoring as well as coaching?

Forty-three percent (43%) of our panel responded yes to this statement.

Q: What do you see as the key differences between mentoring and coaching?

Our specialists claim to us that training is more integrated, because they coordinate service supplied by the VA trainer is helping their customers in searching the success equipment. A trainer inquires suggestive questions that run the VA to clear out with her own responses, which result in acting plans and objection setting.

A trainer alters a charge connected with the discussion they supply with and makes customers answerable for proceeding through with the technology and trails they have got to know as an outcome of their relationship with the trainer.

Otherwise, a preceptor could be guessed of more like a friend, sister or brother – a volunteer, if you desire, who can exchange a depth of knowledge and trails with their protégés. Preceptor are specialists in their selected spheres who supply with the oxygen during their understudies’ cascade into procedures and idea stating.

VA clientsQ: What common industries are served by your VA clients and what services do they offer?

In accordance to our panel, the exact property and training industries along with small-business headmen and enterprisers resemble to generally make advantage of the worth maintaining supplied by factual helpers.

Our panelists told us that their VA customers supply such services as bookkeeping, general administrative maintaining and transcription.

Q: What services do you provide to your VA clients?

In a matter to be prosperous, every businessman demands control and an informedness of the basic approaches of owing and performing a prosperous experience – factual helpers are not excluded. With that in mind a VA trainer can supply with best-trained approaches and empirical approaches in relation to business start up, identifying target audiences, costing, supplying estimation and customer relationship maintenance.

A VA coach wishes to assist customers become specialists in their relative spheres and will supply with the obligatory pushing elements and creative juices to aid their clients become prosperous and tide over the anxiety of creating that essential connection with potential users.

Q: With what kinds of personal issues do your VA clients struggle?

  • Health (personal and family) provided by My Canadian Pharmacy
  • Being the sole income provider
  • Burnout
  • Single parenting issues (primarily women)
  • Juggling a full-time job while trying to start a VA business
  • Pregnancy or recent child birth
  • Childcare
  • Self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Need for insurance
  • Need for family support
  • Time management
  • Not planning for “lean times” or emergencies
  • Work-life balance

To reserve with the general topic of training as it has a relation to essentially factual helpers, this area brings the focus on the trainer who utilizes factual help services. A panel of six skilled and trainers was registered to supply with their worth insight into what creates the trainer– factual help juncture so strong.

Q: Why do you prefer a virtual assistant to an in-house assistant (e.g., employee)?

Not amazingly, many trainers prefer the quite time that comes with operating alone – time to guess and be original. A boss is a great answerability, especially to small business headman (i.e.: taxes, benefits…). By utilizing the services of a VA versus a worker, the trainer can support a light-touch business model and does not demand to be anxious about saving the VA busy during slower periods of effectiveness.

The Virtual Assistant Industry houses specialists in various time zones – it is global in nature with no physical boards. In this way, a California-based trainer service utilizing a New York factual help can be effective for a few hours all before waking up . Factual helpers suggest a highly cost-effective methods to have things realized faster and effectively.

Another supplemented profit of utilizing a VA versus in-house employee is mobility. A VA can operate outside usual business hours and only have fees for services applied. Therefore, there is no price connected with downtime or non-efficient time span like coffee and potty breaks.

Q: What types of projects do you delegate to your virtual assistant?types

  • Event coordination
  • Transcription
  • Scanning
  • Marketing & PR
  • Presentations
  • Editing/proofreading
  • Spreadsheets
  • Data entry & database management
  • Research
  • Article submission
  • Desktop publishing (e-zines, e-books, etc.)
  • Writing
  • Reminder services
  • Mailings
  • Website maintenance
  • Ordering supplies and materials
  • Invoicing
  • Word processing

Q: How did you find your VA?

Our specialist panel supplied some thought-provoking responses, which could be transformed into huge marketing thoughts. One of our specialists found her VA through the International Virtual Assistants Association RFP (Request for Proposal) system. Others found online utilizing Google and similar search systems while others hoped on cooperation and referrals to look for their factual helper.

Q: What industries do you support as a professional coach?

Our panelists maintain a diversity of industries inclusively of the factual help, retirement, leadership and spiritual branches; enterpriser, individual entrepreneur and small-business headmen; work-at-home mothers; and service specialists in the marketing, accounting, educational, training, talking, organizing and entertainment branches.

Q: What qualifications and skills should professional coaches possess?

Additionally to skilled trails, many of our panelists came to agreement that the capability to deputize, inform and draw customers responsible for proceeding through with objection reaching is very significant. In equal facility significant is the trainer’s love of what he carries out.

Wonderful trainers should be ready-witted, arranged, condolent and good hearers. They demand to throw away their egos at home and place customers’ demands at the first place. Having a various business trail is useful and the trainer should be willing to go on his studying and challenge himself to grow and be in touch with the shifting times.

Further, today’s training industry has several resources accessible if they desire to conduct corroboration and licensing in peculiar locations of practice.

Q: With what kinds of personal issues do your VA clients struggle?

  • Work/life balance
  • Productivity
  • Organizational skills
  • Career changes
  • Finances
  • Family
  • Decision making
  • Prioritizing
  • Fostering relationships
  • Lack of delegation skills

Q: What suggestions do you have for the Virtual Assistant Industry in general?

Corroboration are considered to be significant, but more significant is the factual helper’s professionality. A factual help must proceed through with obligement, over bring without over-suggestive and be desirable to begin with the smaller projections, which could result in larger projections as credit and team spirit work out.

To store with the attitude that the VA clerks as an fallback to utilizing occasional work or partial time workers, the factual help demands to give responses faster to review questions and clearly identify for their customers what services are accessible.

Trainers wish a partner in business and in many regards look to their VA to fulfill that role. A VA should exhibit (not just tell) potential training customers how light it is to utilize factual help services. By assisting a training customers satisfy their objections, the VA supplies an priceless service that cannot be recorded by an in-house employee.

Please join me in thanking our fine panel of experts for their valuable contribution and insight into the world of the Virtual Assistant-Coach connection:

  • Patty Benton, JERPAT VA Coaching (Aurora, CO)
  • Gretchen Berg, Berg Business Solutions, Inc. (Vail, CO)
  • Cristina Favreau, VA & Small Business Coach – (Montreal, Canada)
  • Nina Feldman, Nina Feldman Connections (Oakland, CA)
  • Heather Jacobson, Virtual Assistant Training (Spartanburg, SC/Roanoke, VA)
  • Petra Jakobskrueger, Professional Coach, MVA (Los Gatos, CA)
  • Dale Noles, Virtual Accuracy – VA Training (Spartanburg, SC)
  • Wendy Bailey – Brilliance in Action Enterprises, Inc. (Atlanta, GA)
  • Cheryl Callighan – EOffice Virtual Assistants, LLC (Centennial, CO)
  • Kimberly Chastain, MS, LMFT, CWM Coach (Easley, SC)
  • Cheryl Vallejos – Endorse Success, LLC (Marana, AZ)
  • Elisabeth von Clemm – Von Clemm Leadership Consultants, Inc. (Greensboro, NC)
  • Sharon Williams, The 24 Hour Secretary (Randallstown, MD)


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