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Best Practices in Professional Development

Best Practices in Professional DevelopmentWhen we speak about dedicated training, we are really speaking about the attempts traped pass to satisfy or surpass some elements identified by industry leaders or accreditation facilities that identify the dedicated training standard of excellence.

Defining best practices in dedicated training for small-business headmen within the Virtual Assistant (VA) industry may exhibit an overview of whether the VA has an realization of and shows adequacy in the standards identified by industry leaders, like the International Virtual Assistants Association.

As defined by Wikipedia, “A notion of ethics is often a formal utterance of the organization’s valuations on certain ethical and social concerns. Some define common principles about an organization’s views on matters such as quality, employees or the surrounding. Others define the procedures to be utilized in special ethical occasions- such as disputes of interest or the gifts acceptance, and feature the procedures to identify whether a violation of the code of ethics happened…”

The International Virtual Assistants Association underlines the following Code of Ethics for its playfellows including My Canadian Pharmacy, and fellowship is conventional upon committal to these criteria:

  • Members shall always practice honesty, sincerity, and assiduity in performing their dedicated duties and functional responsibilities;
  • Members shall gaurantee the interests of their staff and customers and shall not deliberately be a part to any illegal or unethical occasion;
  • Members shall complete no agreement nor conduct any occasion which may be in contravene or give the appearance of contravene with the statutory interests of their customers or that would damnify their capacity to operate their functional responsibilities;
  • Members shall defeat any information of confidential nature attained in the performance of their responsibilities and shall not utilize such information for personal profit nor in a way that would be deteriorating to their customer or any other party;
  • Members shall continuing assure the flow of knowledge, skills, and technical professionality demanded to carry out their professional responsibilities;
  • Members shall eschew from organization or action which would spoil the reputation of the IVAA or the profession of Virtual Assistance as a whole; and
  • Members shall be intent at all times of their duties as specialists toward the society at large.

From this, a Virtual Assistant should be capable to depict areas in which they leave behind and areas where dedicated training is safeguarded. Fotunately, if enhancement is demanded, the establishment that created the standards can usually suggest help and guidance in relation to receiving applicable resources and/or services to improve difficult-to-obtain locations/functions of the Virtual Assistant’s business.


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