Anemia Treated by My Canadian Pharmacy Preparations

 January 12, 2016

AnemiaAnemia is the pathological state at which hemoglobin concentration in blood decreases. Most often the disease arises because of irrational food, or iron deficiency in food.

General Information

Children’s anemia can be caused by the mass of the reasons. It can be multiple fetation, iron lack of the pregnant woman’s organism for long time span, premature birth, violation of uterine and placentary blood circulation. Besides bleeding at the time of delivery can also promote disease’s development. Also postnatal factors, such as a lack of iron intake with food, artificial feeding of babies, late introduction of feeding up, absence in food of animal protein, rickets.

Violation of iron absorption in intestines because of dysbacteriosis existence, food allergy, gastritises, liver diseases and pancreas, loss of iron at the accelerated growth rates, violations of an iron exchange as a result of hormonal changes, bleedings can be one more reasons.

But do not be so afraid of this diagnosis because anemia may be treated by Preparations of My Canadian Pharmacy.

Anemia Stages

  • Prelatent iron deficiency is characterized by exhaustion of fabric iron reserves, but the level of hemoglobin remains within norm.
  • Latent (hidden) iron deficiency shows the reduction of not only fabric iron reserves, but also the content of iron in blood decreases.
  • Final stage of iron deficiency is considerable decrease in hemoglobin level in blood, often combined with reduction of erythrocytes quantity, actually is known as iron deficiency anemia.

Symptoms of Anemia

For iron deficiency anemia a number of syndromes is characteristic:

  • Epithelial syndrome includes the following symptoms paleness of skin and mucous membranes, dryness, skin peeling and pigmentation, nails and hair thinning. Changes of taste and sense of smell, stomatitis, gastritis and other typical teeth problems, duodenitis, other violations of digestion processes such as heartburn, nausea, eructation, vomiting, altered defecation pattern, there can be but seldom latent intestinal bleedings.
    Asthenoneurotic syndrome is characterized by irritability and hypererethism, emotional instability, and also gradual lag in development (speech, physical and psychomotor), slackness and block.
  • The cardiovascular syndrome ( is followed by short breathing, tendency to hypotonia, muting of warm tones.
  • Hepatolienal syndrome represents increase in liver and lien at the accompanying deficiency of proteins and vitamins, active rickets.
  • The muscular syndrome is characteristic as delay of physical development, weakness of sphincter of bladder that is shown by enuresis (an urine incontience).
  • The syndrome of decrease in local immune protection is barrier fabrics disorder also becomes the reason of frequent acute respiratory disorders, early developing of chronic infections.
  • Manifestation of above-mentioned syndromes defines anemia degree as easy, moderate, heavy or superheavy.

My Canadian Pharmacy is going to fight against anemia at any stages of its development. The main ideas are to conduct preventive measures. If you face such a problem command our service to order drugs necessary for anemia treatment.